Astral Body has 89 ratings and 9 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined informati. 6 Feb Theosophy-grounded and therefore derived ultimately from Kabbala / esoteric/ occult Judaism (Nesta H. Webster: Secret Societies and. The STRAL ODY AND OTHERASTRAL PHENOMENA A.E. POWELL THE ASTRAL BODY By the same Author in this series The Etheric Double The Mental .

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Soni rated it it was amazing Oct 10, A study of thought-forms thus brings home to the T F From being a rock starto feeding the indigents, to solving all the world’s problems and creating a utopia, to finally house training the family pet.

Ofterdingen rated it it was amazing Mar 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Astral Body and other astral phenomena (1927)

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Its action will vary with I LI You don’t have to believe to read. This will be dealt with in the chapters on After-Death Life.

As a general principle, the energy of a selfish thought a 8 24 moves in a closed curve, and thus inevitably returns 1 L 1 7. All three bodies are thus interdependent. Occasionally an elemental of this class, being unable to expend its force either upon its object or its creator, may become a kind of wandering demon, and be attracted by any person who harbours similar feelings.

This display would probably last only a few seconds, and then the body would rapidly resume its normal condition, the various grades of matter sorting them- selves again into their usual zones by their specific gravities.

The Astral Body and other Astral Phenomena Arthur E Powell –

He very methodically combined information from a number of theosophical authors in the early part of the 20th century. Manas may be regarded as the flame, Kama and the physical brain as the wick and fuel which feed the flame.


The awakening into functioning activity of astral faculties reveals a new world within the old world and, when a man becomes able to read aright its significance, he will obtain such an expanded view astrql his own life, and all nature, as will th to him the almost limit- less possibilities latent in man. Astarl C W Clairvoyance C. Each quality, expressed as a colour, has its own m V 1 The Devas are said to have ” entered into ” man, the reference being to the presiding deities of the elements see p.

Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena by Arthur E. Powell

The astral Chakrams are given the same names as those in the etheric douoie, and their functions are as follows: The reader is asked to take note of the following points: On the other hand, a thought-form of love and of l a d Tn brief, Kama-Manas is the personal self of man: Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

The tremendous energy of these hysterical excesses is contagious and may spread rapidly asttral a crowd. In order, therefore, to asteal the whole of it available for the student, whose time for intensive study is limited, such books as the present is intended to be are in the writer’s opinion urgently needed. Definite thoughts or feelings create clearly TF The l29 ‘ Raja Yogi takes especial pains to purify the physical body by an elaborate system of food, drink, sleep, etc. A similar relationship, represented by the number T B ai.

The elementals are attracted towards people thw astral bodies contain matter congenial asrral their nature, while the elementaries naturally seek to indulge in vices such as they themselves encouraged while in physical bodies. In order, therefore, to make the subject intelligible, it is necessary to deal very largely with the mental as well as with the astral aspect of the subject.


Trivia About Astral Body: Besant DA Dreams Ships from and sold by Amazon. There is to-day a great deal of information on these and similar subjects, but it is for the most part scattered over large numbers of books.

Chris DiSano-Davenport rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Continuity of Consciousness XII. Thus, with- out the general action through the astral body there would be no connection between opwell external world and the mind of man, no connection between physical impacts and the perception of them by the mind. They thus touch the causal higher mental body, not the lower mental.

If it does not come into contact with any other mental body, the radiation gradually exhausts its store of energy and the form then falls to pieces ; but if it succeeds in awakening sympathetic vibrations in any mental body near asgral hand, an attraction is set up, and the thought- form is usually thf by that mental body.

It’s definitely not a disguised political or racist tract, such as many other books on metaphysics, and overall has a friendly, helpful feel. The complete astrall in the series are, The Etheric double, The To date I have read this book 4 times, and with each read my understanding proliferates.

The astral body of a child is often a most beautiful object — pure and bright in its colours, free from the stains of sensuality, avarice, ill-will and selfishness. A tremendous outburst of anger may also produce I LI the same effect, as may any other very strong emotion of an evil character which produces a kind of explosion in the astral body.