The structure of an American education

Universities of the USA work on an especially training system that consists of several steps, according to which training process is divided into cycles:

  • Profile education
  • Preparation for entering a university
  • Bachelor degree, or undergraduate
  • Magistracy, or graduate
  • Second higher education

1. Professional education (Associate Degree)

is appropriated in Community colleges and in a number of professionally oriented universities. Study in public college assumes the professional training on the chosen specialty within 1-2 years. At the end of studying, the student receives the certificate and degree of Associate MBA degree online (basic incomplete higher education), which allows to work in the specialty or to continue training at university or college in the program of training of the bachelor, having arrived at the same time directly on a third year.
It is conditionally possible to call this degree “The diploma of the junior specialist”, and to equate this education to training in “our” technical schools.


2. Preparation for entering a university (Pathway)

Pathway – a rate for foreign students, whose level of English and the academic skills do not conform to introductory requirements of university. On a rate, students increase the level of knowledge of English, get acquainted with the MBA degree definition of academic traditions of university. Pass there a number of objects of the basic baccalaureate or master course that allows them, after the preparatory program, to pass directly for the second year of a bachelor degree or to continue the master program.

Universities offer Undergraduate Pathway, sometimes International First Year (with transition on a 2-year semester or a 2-year rate) or Graduate Pathway (with the subsequent transition to the master program). Preparatory programs last from 1 to 4 semester, depending on your current level of English, and also a certificate/diploma GPA.


3. Bachelor degree (Undergraduate)

The program of a bachelor degree lasts on average 4 years.

This degree (undergraduate course) has included about 30 disciplines, on each of which a certain number of the credits is taken away. For receipt of degree, you have to gather 120 credits. The credit assumes that the student listened to lectures, has executed the ordered laboratory, practical, independent works, has successfully written examination, the report, the final essay, etc. Thanks to the credits, the system differs in sufficient flexibility. So, if within the first two years of study students has a number of obligatory basic disciplines to getting the MBA degree jobs, then on the third and fourth rates the wide range of rates, which they can choose to themselves, proceeding from own preferences is provided to them.


4. Magistracy

The MBA degree can be received not in each university. As a rule, universities, some private colleges and vocational schools present them.

The lasting of the programs is from 1,5 to 3-4 years, depending on the chosen direction and specialty.
What is an MBA degree? For entering a magistracy, you have to fulfill a number of requirements. First of all – the diploma about the higher education also, it is needed to have high academic progress, an appropriate level of English and to report results of occupational tests, for example, of GRE, GMAT, MAT and other specialized tests corresponding to the chosen specialty.


5. Second higher education in the USA

It will become excellent addition to your current education. It is a big array of information, new to you, which moves the best teachers in the world, in a simple and interesting format. The popular directions of MBA mph dual degree are – business, management, IT, design, and marketing.

Why the studying in the United States is so attractive for foreign students?


The studying there gives a huge value. First, the diploma opens new vital prospects of MBA degrees.
All universities in an education system of America are divided into colleges and universities.


  • Colleges – separate faculties of universities, which train professionals in one knowledge, and also, they have the 2-year and 4-year training program.
  • Universities of America are extensive associations of MBA degree colleges, schools, and scientific and surveying centers.

There are over hundred sixty universities, nearly two thousand 4-year colleges and about one and a half thousand institutions with the 2-year term of training. It is no wonder that in such variety, you can get confused.
For this reason, in case of the choice of institution of MBA degree requirements, the suitable program and cost of study should relying on the highly qualified specialists, knowing all nuances of training in America.


The studying the in universities are famous for the educational equipment. They have the online MBA degree programs, the latest technical supply and the broad research base, exceeding even some scientific research institutes that are one of the main benefits of them before universities of other countries. Such approach creates all conditions, both for productive training of young researchers, and for innovative developments.


The students, who have received the bachelor’s degree, can pass to the following step – a magistracy. For entering a magistracy of the USA, you have to show high level of English, which is confirmed by the certificate on passing of the TOEFL test and to report results of examination of GRE (on certain specialties), and for the MBA program – results of GMAT. Duration of training at master programs at MBA degrees online in America constitutes one-two years and, unlike a bachelor degree, has a narrow focus on a certain discipline or a profession.


The USA academic year

It lasts about 9 months and there is a separation academic for about two years various type:

  • The semester. It is the most widespread and is divided into two semesters: fall semester (autumn) and spring semester (spring).
  • The trimesters. Academic year breaks into three three-month trimesters.

If you seriously think of training in the United States, in the MBA degrees online accredited universities, begin preparation for entering universities at least one year prior to expected receipt date, considering that universities consider documents of entrants till March. For revenues to MBA finance online degree programs of universities, you have to provide the certificate of TOEFL, which reflects your level of English. Without this certificate, your documents will not be accepted by any American university.


For school students, who plan to continue studying in higher education institutions of the USA, we recommend to pay special attention to the progress. In the USA, in addition to results of examinations, a certificate GPA plays the large role in case of revenues to programs. Studying at school or being trained at university, try to take active part in public and social projects and then to get a good MBA degree salary. Act or participate in the organization of conferences and actions. It will be big plus in case of receipt. Also, remember that in the USA the great value is given to sports education: if you play in team of university of the USA or you play sports, then you will be an unconditional favorite among the others.


Training in the USA at training courses – is simpler way of receipt to the higher institution for getting the higher education by foreign students. We will tell fairly about MBA degree definition, and direct entering a university of America on the program of a bachelor degree or magistracy – a hard task. Even if the candidate successfully passes all stages, study in the first year of training without MBA online degrees preliminary adaptation is given all very hard.


Training benefits in the USA on training courses:

  • there are less requirements to an appreciation in the diploma or the certificate, and also to letters of recommendation;
  • the low ball through passage, according to the certificate of the international examination
  • direct transition to training after the termination of the program.
  • adaptation to language and the new environment.

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