Previously on The Wakefields of Sweet Valley: After escaping from the San Francisco earthquake of , Jessamyn Watson, former circus bareback rider, gave. Wakefields of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley High) [Francine Pascal] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follow the riveting stories of the. The Wakefields of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley Saga) [Francine Pascal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Wakefields of Sweet Valley. Amanda refuses to go to the wedding or speak to her sister ever again.

Magna Edition #1/Sweet Valley Saga #1 The Wakefields of Sweet Valley | Snark Valley

I bet everyone stands a good two feet away from her whenever she walks into a room. Elisabeth is wowed by the flips Jess does on the horse, Goldilocks, and Jessamyn vzlley to let her try out a ride. Everyone wonders how to tell them apart, but Alice has the answer: Is Tom Wilkens an ancestor of Todd Wilkins? The American past time! True love knows no time limit? Amanda and Samantha are as close as close can be, until their older brother Harry the Steven!

She was born sometime in the s to the Awaswan medicine man, Red Spirit.

And presumably at some point after this, they get married. The two are separated at immigration and never meet again. Dancing Wind realizes she has major feelings for Theo. I think many of us like to try and figure out the models for some of the SV cover paintings wakefieods done by James Mathewuse up till the first Sweet Valley Saga book.


I do like historical sagas, but I thought this one was very well-done. It was just so Jessica. Elisabeth worries, but rather than, y’know, talking to Jessamyn about it, she spends her time hanging out with Old Matthew, an ex-slave.

The Wakefields of Sweet Valley

At a beach party, Alice catches Hank walking off with a girl named Brenda and they have a fight. Billy hates three things: At the train station, they get Sophy on the train headed to Spain with faked papers, but before the rest of them can get on the train, all hell breaks loose and Marjorie loses sight swset Jacques and his friend Pierre.

Theodore whittles Alice a rose out of a piece of lumber he found onboard. Jack, meanwhile, moves to France after he lands a good job there, allowing him to escape the Great Depression. So yes, I genuinely liked this book. Last weekend over a few drinks…okay, perhaps more than a few drinks…my friend and i got into a disagreement over the SV Saga.

Clearly writing one poem tired the ghost-writer out. I have vivid memories of this book and of reading it. Good luck with that, Theo. I wonder if the old boyfriend came back, would they ditch the husband? All those darn a’s.


She looks up at a street lamp in amazement because she’s never seen one before. On the one hand, she created the Sweet Valley series. Below that, we have Bob frantically shouting into the radio and it looks like the battle is raging behind him. Jessamyn and Elisabeth are wearing leg-of-mutton sleeved dresses. Cry me a fucking river dude. She gives birth to twin girls, Elisabeth and Jessamyn. wa,efields

Well, the fact that they’re in San Francisco in should be a pretty big clue. Which is probably why the book fudges the numbers a little bit with Alice: And don’t you find it ironic that both Theodore and Alice had twins for dakefields He makes fun of Jessamyn for being a tomboy and Elisabeth defends her.

Her Uncle Par and Aunt Elisabeth come to pick her up and they all return every day for a week to check for Theodore. He’s top in Latin and he made the tennis team, so he’s thrilled.

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, the Saga series is meant to tie-in to the regularly scheduled SVH books. Glad you enjoyed it, although the awesomeness is down to the ghost-writer. Then Ted comes to visit with Harry.