Das Thomas-Evangelium ist eine Sammlung von Jesus-Worten und einer der wichtigsten außerbiblischen Texte der frühen Christen. Diese Ausgabe verbindet . This scholarly edition of the Gospel According to Thomas is taken from the Appendix of the Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum, ed. by Kurt Aland. For the first time. image of Makarius, das Thomasevangelium und das Lied von der Perle. Author: G. Quispel; Subjects: Biblical Studies; Publication Year: ; Book DOI.

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Matthew Dillon defends “The Heretical Revival”. Anthony LeDonne, Historical Jesus.

Das Thomas-Evangelium – Logos Bible Software

It is tbomasevangelium upsetting when an author’s work is published without allowances for the author to read and correct the typeset version which always contains mistakes due to the transfer process from the author’s files to the press’s files.

It has always been my experience as a book editor and I have edited many that if I don’t hear back from an author with corrections, something is wrong. I accept this policy Find out more here. I’m just grateful thoasevangelium this particular piece does not include extensive Coptic or Greek! A first review of Holy Misogyny.


Affiliated with the International Association for Coptic Studies since Well this morning the mystery is solved. Affiliated with the North American Patristics Society since My Debut in BAR. You must fill out fields marked with: Dark Mirrors by Andrei A. Apparently the editors weren’t able to catch them, and I thojasevangelium didn’t because I never had any proofs to make corrections and had no idea it was being published!

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This morning a surprise book came in the mail to me. As I read it over I am disappointed with the amount of printing errors including the loss of some indentations at the beginning of a few paragraphs. The Gnostic New Age to be featured at author event. I am extremely upset about this because it makes me look careless, when in fact I never received a proof to correct nor any correspondence from the editors.

Here is the conference volume, and here is my paper in it. Biblical Studies Publication Year: Let us know what you think. Heavenly Priesthood in the Apocalypse of Adam.

New Series from Baylor. Well I have received a response from Jens who says that files were e-mailed to the authors last year. Who was Paul really? With Letters of Light Arbel and Orlov, eds. Novum Testamentum Supplements Online Volume: Rasimus writes a book review on Apocalypse of An Thomsevangelium God.


Columbia University Press A new Coptic grammar by Johanna Brankaer.

Das Thomasevangelium: Originaltext mit Kommentar

Mysticism, Esotericism and Gnosticism in Antiquity Group. Comparing Religions, by Jeffrey Kripal.

Gnostic New Age Receives Award. Cookies Shopping cart Help About Contact us. Holy Misogyny is out! Highlights from Gnostic CounterCultures Conference. Voices of Gnosticism Miguel Connor. Spaying the Mother God. Starting up the new academic year with a new book. Register Register thomaasevangelium to access more content. When I didn’t turn in any corrections, he assumed that I didn’t have any.

Das Thomasevangelium

Affiliated with the Society of Biblical Literature since Most are very standard form- and redaction-critical papers mainly written by the German contributors. The Gnostics Were Intellectuals.

Revelations by Elaine Pagel. Esotericism and the Academy Wouter J. Journal of Gnostic Studies. Journal of Gnostic Studies Leiden: Gnostic New Age is Published!