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Studying of media in the USA is a right choice for the young specialists dreaming of a brilliant career. Today’s modern world is ruled by information. It is not surprising that work with the latest technologies and information of various kinds is the engine of progress and unusually high demand today. The majority of similar specialties are integrated in the sphere of media that became especially popular among students.

The media specialties

For the next years, the experts predict an unknown demand of media specialists of various industries. In their opinion, this tendency will be caused by fast development of media technologies and their presence in all spheres of human life.
Media is united by a set of specialties, some of which have appeared and have begun to develop rather recently. The classical media specialties include:

  • video production;
  • development of computer games;
  • web design;
  • creation of electronic music;
  • 3D animation.

With development of the Internet, such types of activity as promotion and advertizing on social networks (SMM), a copywriting, internet marketing, internal and external optimization of the website (SEO) and others began to move to the forefront. These specialties in the future will become the most demanded and highly paid in the media sphere.

Why it is worth choosing the media specialty?

A number of benefits of work in this sphere cause popularity of training top mba programs of media and technologies among students:

  1. Specialists with the higher education are demanded, rather easily and can quickly get good job.
  2. The good salary, a possibility of career development and professional development is provided to hardworking and creative specialists.
  3. Various opportunities for employment: it is possible to work at office, at home or even on vacation; in large corporation, the small company or as the freelancer.
  4. The creative and interesting work, assuming direct participation in global development of the media industry and modern technologies.
  5. Possibility of work and cooperation with interesting people.

Studying of media in the USA

Most of students to obtain the mba degree in the sphere of media prefer an American education. It is not strange; the USA can call the homeland of the Internet, media and communications. Here students have a unique opportunity to adjoin to history of the technologies that have changed the humankind life radically. Besides, educational process in the USA assumes an integrated approach to studying of media, getting theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The majority of universities of America offers training programs of media and technologies, therefore each student can find the rate like Wharton mba, corresponding to its aspirations and financial opportunities here.
The regular journalist earns to the American measures not so much – on average $50.000 a year – but his training costs much. Be going to lay out from $13.000 to $36.000 a year. The specified amounts do not include expenses on living place, food and transport. You can study for free –you need to get a grant for this purpose.


In the mba rankings of the best media programs, first place is won by the Californian University in Berkeley. Exactly here, in the late sixties the development of future global network had appeared that gave the opportunities for people they previously could not even dream of.
In second place is the University of Texas Austin, differing in a huge number of students, unique and rich academic history and the advanced media rates, based on the School of information and College of communications.
The Columbia University of New York is included into the elite Ivy League takes the third place in a rating. Based on School of journalism, the modern baccalaureate, the master and the doctor’s programs of studying of media are offered here.
But you shouldn‘t go in cycles only in prestige. Believe, all higher schools that have passed accreditation are responsible for quality of education.

Studying of journalism in America – how to apply for the Media and Communications program?

To begin studying the media technologies and communications in the best education institutions of the USA, the foreigner needs to give a standard packet of documents to university:

  1. The filled university form for entering (usually in an online format)
  2. Certificate of GRE
  3. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Motivational essay

All documents should be written in English and be submitted to necessary terms. In addition to the traditional list of documents, in some cases, to enter the university, it is you have to pass the additional examinations or to collect these or those papers.

The employment in the USA

After the termination of the university, it is quite easy for media specialist to find work. Graduates of this specialty are recommended to begin with work in the company and to expect the acquisitions of experience career development, or to begin to work as the independent specialist.


Depending on staff and the employer, the media specialists in the USA earn, on average, $30,221 – $67,140 a year. Professionals in the area of strategic online mba marketing, SEM, web managers, project managers can brag of the highest earnings, but the earnings of graphical designers and specialists of email-marketing in the USA, on the contrary, are laid off. 54% of the media specialists, working in America are men. At the same time, the working years of service of the majority constitute less than 5 years.


The American employers note that for acceptance on a good line item the candidate shall possess skills of work with various types of information, work in computer programs, including graphical editors, and also to have knowledge in the sphere of marketing and management.


Besides, the knowledge of foreign languages, communicative skills and skills of team work, desire to study and develop constantly, and also flexible and creative approach to work, sense of duty and ability to cope with objectives in limited terms is important for getting the work.

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