8 Jan Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 7 by Miguel de Unamuno. Tragic Sense Of Life by Miguel de Unamuno. No cover available. Download. Tragic Sense of Life has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Del sentimiento trágico de la vida en los hombres y en los pueblos = Tragic Sense of . 1 Quotes. The Tragic Sense of Life () Recalled by Walter Starkie from a conversation he had with Unamuno, as related in the Epilogue of Unamuno.

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And you know what a professional is? We must needs seek for a wherefore.

Miguel de Unamuno – Wikipedia

There is something of the stern attitude of Loyola about his “tragic sense of life,” and on this subject–under one form or trayic, his only subject–he admits no joke, no flippancy, no subterfuge.

Is it, perhaps, an end in itself? That Unamuno has departed from the image of Christ which the great Sevillian reflected on his immortal canvas unamuho therefore to be expected. The book is written in a spirit of tension as Unamuno does not wish to fall into the pit of irrationalism. In each moment of our life we entertain some purpose, and to this purpose the synergy of our actions is directed.

His conclusion o Unamuno’s approach to accept the inability to rationalize everything, especially the most important issues of life and unamujo and to give this desire of immortality a freer reign is interesting as well as coragous.

Miguel de Unamuno

ujamuno Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Such poets are usually at their best when they bind themselves to the discipline of existing forms and particularly when they limit the movements of their muse to the “sonnet’s scanty plot of ground.


Believers believe because their dogma holds out the possibility trwgic eternal life — that’s Unamuno’s essential point, with the proviso that the life worth living is inevitably full of suffering, This is the best work of Christian apologetics I’ve ever read.

To-day Ortega y Gasset is our Turgeniev–not without mixture. In his absolute subservience to the matter in hand this manner of writing has its great precedent in Santa Teresa. It is the recognition of his own lyrical inward-looking nature which makes Unamuno pronounce the identity of the novel and the poem.

Tragic Sense of Life

But this same Christian philosopher–Christian? Tragic Sense Of Life. Lifs have just seen the essential cause of this insufficiency to lie in the nonesthetical attitude of his mind, and we have tried to show one of the roots of such an attitude in the very loftiness and earnestness of his purpose.

Philosophy was not, for him, an abstract and intellectual thing, but rather the expression of a restless and yearning life.

Beings which appear to be endowed with perception, perceive in order to be able to live, and only perceive in so far as they require to do so in order to live. I loved Unamuno’s work so much I went to the town he lived in in Spain and visited some of his old haunts, just to pay homage to kife man and walk down the same cobbled streets he walked daily.

He does not try to resolve the conflict.

Clamar, clamar en el desierto. Unamuno summarized his personal creed thus: Our philosophy–that is, our mode of understanding or not understanding the world and life–springs from our feeling towards life itself.

Hegel made famous his aphorism that all the rational is real and all the real rational; but there are many of us who, unconvinced by Hegel, continue to believe that the real, the really real, is irrational, that reason builds upon irrationalities.


And nobody can deny that there may not exist, and perhaps do exist, aspects of reality unknown to us, to-day at any rate, and perhaps unknowable, because they are in no way necessary to us for the preservation of our own actual existence.

Tragic Sense of Life by Miguel de Unamuno

unamun For the exertion of the intellect by exercise is prolonged to a perpetual exertion. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat His conclusion on Quixotism is powerful.

This perhaps compensates for what it may lose in the spontaneity of travic Spanish thought, which at times, I believe, is scarcely translatable. I first read “The Tragic Sense of Life” many years ago and came back to it after reading a book by Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik –an Orthodox Jewish thinker, “The Lonely Man of Faith” The Lonely Man of Faith The language, styles, and religious commitments differ sharply, but both authors explore the same basic dilemma.

A marvellous thrust at the heart of Unamuno’s character. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is, on the contrary, based on high thinking, the highest of all, that which refuses to dwell on anything less than man’s origin and destination. Knowledge is employed in the service of the necessity of life and primarily in the service of the instinct of personal preservation. And it is on a religious basis that Unamuno founds his individualism.