Purchase complete plans for a DIY abrasive tube notcher. High quality plans available via automatic download — includes assembly diagrams and parts. Explore ‘s board “Homemade Tube Notchers” on Pinterest. Tubing Notcher Homemade tube notcher constructed from a surplus drill press and .. Homemade tube bender fabricated from steel in accordance with plans. The Chopper Builders Handbook ‘Notch-O-Matic’ Tube Notcher. The Design . The notcher, as drawn in the plans, is about a light as one would want to make it .

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I need a portable one to go with my bender so i need to throw one together.

Coeur d’Alene Idaho Posts: I’ll post some pics of us teaming up and gettin buzzed as soon as we hook up. Find all posts by jackalope. Cant wait to see it work, -that, and your bender. It would be nice to be able to machine parts like that.

Whitch is awesome i think. The rotary doesn’t have a thru hole so i had to sacrifice about an inch to hold onto then chop it off. It’s saved countless tuhe of setup time.


Find all posts by BillM. Page 1 of 3. All times are GMT Or check a hole dia you just milled. I plan to build a nice hydro bender down the road a bit and the notcher i make to go with it will take into account all the advise you just gave. You can handwheel down in a bore and poke 2 or three buttons and pickup the center of a bore dead nuts automatically.

BB code is On. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Let me see, I haven’t used one since With all that machinery at your disposal, I’m sure you can mill you out a clamp. Or you think i need something thicker?

The probing system on this machine cost 6 g’s. I’ll do that tomorrow at work and post some more pics. Find all posts by Alejoint. I was just think the the more clamping surface area the better. Peters, MO near St.

It’s been functioning dead nuts since we bought it too. I’ll take all your advise into account on the next notcher i build. I just got home from work.

Dude, those pics are magazine article quality.

Homemade Notchers? – OFN Forums

Just gotta put it together and start munching some tube as Alejoint would say. I like it to notchfr center of shafts rather than edge finding both sides to find the middle.


No more swingin indicators in that mill. Can you build a seal housing to cover the top bushing? Find all posts by MooreWeldingFab. Like machine a v style clamp outta some 2x2x6 bar?

Ya it pretty much rocks ace. I found a good deal at Home Depot on a Rigid set that had about all the sizes I needed and got it.

Homemade tube notcher tools (50)

Enjoy the pics, more to come No creaping up on critical dimensions Cannot provide you plxns pics of a notch, but the BEST notching set up is a roughing end mill in a horizontal mill. Hell you can even run it in your program and pickup every part before running it if you want. I hardly ever take pix, which is both good and bad.